Ottawa Flyer Delivery Services

Ottawa Flyer Delivery

Ottawa flyer delivery

Ottawa distribution services is a locally owned and operated company providing businesses in the national capital region with professional door to door distribution of their promotional material.

How we operate
Ottawa flyer delivery services has 20 delivery routes in the nations capital. Each route contains 10,000 residential addresses. Each route is serviced by one dedicated employee delivering to 2500 addresses per week. We accept only orders of 10,000 flyers but we give you a special deal! Your first order is charged at an incredible 4 cents per flyer and when you return to deliver again with us the price is still a very low 6 cents per flyer. The reason we are able to offer such low pricing is because your flyers will be combined with other flyers from other local businesses. Rest assured though we do not allow competing businesses to go out in the same run.

Important points and conditions:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • 20 delivery routes to choose from
  • 10,000 residential addresses in each route
  • No more than 10 customers in non-competing businesses will be accepted for any one delivery run
  • Deliveries may take up to 30 days to start (To keep prices down we need to have multiple customers in each run)
  • Minimum order of 10,000
  • First order discounted to 4 cents per flyer, subsequent orders priced at 6 cents per flyer

Please contact Ottawa flyer delivery services to deliver your flyers now!

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